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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  October 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the shocking new data - about how many iowans are dumping their flood insurance - even after two major floods in 8 years. how one group is repurposing sandbags used to protect businesses and home during last month's flood. and when eastern iowa will get its next visit from a presidential candidate - jus two weeks now before election day. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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new this morning - a pedestrian is recovering - after being hit by a car in cedar rapids on happened at first avenue and second street south-east at around 2-thirty yesterday afternoon.the woman hit - is expected to be okay - the driver - has been charged with failing to yield at a cross-walk. still developing this morning - authorities are now trying to figure out what caused a tour bus to plow into a killing 13 people and injuring more than 30. 30.the deadly crash happened near palm springs - california - the bus was returning home to los angeles from a casino. the highway patrol says the bus was moving so fast - that first responders had to use ladders to search for victims - because the door was unusable. "that bus is halfway into that trailer. thats only half of the bus you're seeing. thats
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road."federal records show the company in charge of the bus - only owned one single bus - and only had one driver.that driver was killed in the crash. despite recent flooding that damaged damaging many towns in iowa - the number of flood insurance policies sold in the state - dropped by 22-percent over the past five years. years.officials say it's hard to pinpoint exactly why homeowners shy away from them. some homeowners may have premimums increased.some towns are also buying out homes in flood-prone areas.there are still more policies state-wide right now - than in 2008 - when massive floods caused 5-billion dollars in damage in cedar rapids. the 2016 flood brought people of the corridor together - to help save multiple - one group of women in cedar rapids is pitching in - long after the waters have gown 2 news kevin barry
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with a stitch and a story. story. inside a small storefront on cedar rapids' northwest side... side...skilled fingers toil away while foreign conversation... ...fights the sounds of sewing . machines.some people when they see us here they don't kow why we are here? are they students? are they visitors? immaculee and the women working next to her escaped hardships most p eastern iowa will never know. know.we are refugee's -- we fled our country because of war.the group -- african women empowered -- gives them a helping hand.the bags and necklaces they normally make sell for 20-30 dollars -- creating a source of income. income.we dont stay home and we get annoyed in the home sitting on the couch like couch potato potatothe 2016 flood waters went down in cedar rapids after causing a little damage
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sandbags.derek siddel is in mount mercy's enactus club -- the idea poppped into mind when we were out there getting the sandbags for the flood. they figured if the water didn't get too high -- there would be plenty of bags left untouched.helen armstrong is the director of african ministries at st. marks methodist church -- and leads african women empowered. empowered.many of our fabrics are recycled. the beads we import from africa, many of them are hundreds of years old. in.the sewing imaculee and her co workers are doing attach handles to the sandbags -- so they can carry around something else.derek says that includes at least one thing that wont fit inside. we have this memory that we can carry with us and know that if we do this again -- this is what one community can produce. after those bags are finished -- they'll head to red ball -- in the new bohemia district -- where they'll be putting the
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they should be available by the holidays. this afternoon - -community members will meet to talk about safety and security in cedar rapids. specifically - about business - ambulance - police and fire issues resultant from flood 2016. they'll look at how youth partnerships are coming along so far this year. the committee as a whole - works on issues impacting the safety of neighborhoods in greater details. the gathering will be held at 4 in the police department community room and there will be a public period. in the home-stretch of the election season - democratic nominee for president - will make a stop in the corridor. corridor.but hillary clinton doesn't want supporters to wait until election day to cast their ballots.she's holding a 'vote early' rally this friday in cedar rapids. her campaign has not yet released the full details on the trip.she campaigned yesterday in north carolina - criticizing donald trump - for his claims of a rigged election.
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nominee has ever said, democrat or republican. nobody -- nobody has ever said this. he refused to say he would respect the results of this election, and that is a threat to this democracy. " "clinton was last in the state of iowa on september 30-th and last made a campaign stop in cedar rapids - before the iowa caucuses. meanwhile - the donald trump campaign now admitts - playing catch up on clinton. clinton.a new a-b-c news tracking poll shows trump trailing by 12-points across the country.then on sunday - his campaign manager - kelly-anne conway - told n-b-c news - they're behind clinton right now.trump is also facing tough fights - in florida and the traditionally red state - of texas.still - trump is courting voters - asking them to send him not only to the white house but also with help in congress
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house and senate, we will immediately repeal the obama-clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military." --butted with--"with a republican house and senate we will immediately repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. it's a disaster." disaster."on sunday trump also refused to take back his claims about a rigged election. an eastern iowa newspaper has now endorsed trump's opponent. the iowa city pr threw its backing behind hillary clinton. clinton.the newspaper also backs another democrat this november - senate challenger patty judge.she's taking on longest serving u-s senator - chuck grassley.the latest poll on the senate race show senator grassley with a 17- percentage point lead. fellow senator joni ernst will join grassley on campaign stops today.including - a visit in cedar rapids this morning.after that - they will also make stops in waterloo
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will meet with students from drake law school. senator ernst was in cedar rapids yesterday - visiting mission of hope- helping organizers label soup for guests.ernst says her visit is a part of a project she's working on with south carolina senator tim scott. they're trying to find answers to two pressing issues. "we're really trying to understand some of the housing issues that we have in some of our communities, some of the food insecurity needs we have whether it's in the rural areas or the urban areas." areas."this mornng during her campaign stops with chuck grassley - they will be accompanied by west virginia senator shelley moore capito- to discuss bipartisanship in the senate. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.still ahead - the n-f-l's lone unbeaten finally
5:10 am your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hoursa&- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a bit of fog in the area this morninga&-temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see highs are mild all around iowa - the regional satellite/radar is keeping conditions quiet - let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions - today's forecast features clear skies & cooler temperatures- tonight's forecast has us looking for mainly clear & chilly conditions- the next three days show more dry and cool weather- our 7 day forecast does bring more cool weather
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it's now on this monday morning.and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.still ahead, as the temperatures fall - iowa officials are warning against the "silent killer"what it is and how many iowans it killed
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? other things going on around eastern iowa on this monday morning... a man mising for more than two months has been found. grundy county sheriff's office says a body found over the weekend matches the discription of ian aiken. the waterloo cedar falls courier reports aiken was last seen on august 23rd. the body was found in a corn field north of marshalltown in his home town of whitten. officials are still trying to determine how the man died. aiken's disappearance is also
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the iowa poison control center is warning us to beware of "the silent killer"as winter approaches - more iowans are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. natural gas - propane - gasoline - wood-- almost anything that burns can produce carbon monoxide. it's odorless - colorless and virtually undetectable. before it gets too cold - officials urge you to check c-o detectors and add extra detectors near bedrooms. last year - 2 carbon monoxide exposure. iowa city gets a perfect ranking once again for the human rights campaign's equality index. the study measures support of lesbian - gay - bisexual - transgender and queer civil rights. for the last three years - iowa city scored 100 percent for it's l-g-b-t-q inclusive policies and laws. the only other iowa cities to get a perfect score - cedar rapids and davenport.
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expectations - and then - there were injuries - none of that has stopped the vikings - they've been unfazed so far this season - a perfect 5 and 0 and coming off a bye - but today in philly - they hit their first speed bump... sam bradford up against the eagles - the team that dealt him before the season...first quarter - his replacement makes a mistake - carson wentz tosses it right to matt sendejo - easy pick - he returns it inside the two-yard line - so minnesota's in great shape...but they give back - big mistake here by bradford - his pass is picked off by rodney mcleod - it was that kinda day for the the second half - eagles up by eight - wentz throws a slant to dorial green- beckham - and he powers in for the touchdown...the defense was good again - but the offense sputtered.... the vikings lose, 21 to 10 - just 282 total yards for bradford and the offense - and for the first time this season - the vikings face some adversity...
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word - in at least two of the phases - very disappointed in the performance we gave today - turned the ball over offensively - didn't block people - dropped balls - gave up a 98 yard kickoff return - fumbled a punt - so if you're gonna do those things you have no chance to win it involves all of us - i've got to figure out a way to get it out quicker - we've got to do a better job of staying on guys - think there's a lot of answers the chie played a home game since september 25th - that's a long time for a team that's won eight straight at arrowhead stadium - and the good times continued in k-c on sunday... the chiefs up against the high-flying saints... down 7- nothing in the first - the short passing game works to perfection - alex smith gets it to spencer ware - he gets some blocks and shakes loose - ware goes 46 yards for the touchdown to tie the game... just minutes later - drew brees back to throw - his pass
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sorensen - he turns into a returner - and he's making a house call - the chiefs "d" strikes again - it's 14-7... second quarter now - you don't see this very often - alex smith chucks it deep - to the rookie - tyreek hill - what a snag - the chiefs get their ninth straight home win... and they get to 4 and 2 on the season with a 27-21 victory - they'll hit the road again next week to play the colts... the iowa offense was a mess on saturday - their inability to get it going on that side of the ball - is the biggest reason for the loss to wisconsin - the defense wasn't great either - but there were some positives... anytime you give up just 17 points - you're doing something right - the rush defense was solid all day long - even though corey clement clinched it with a 34-yard gain late in the game - the hawkeye rush "d" held the badgers to just three-and- a-half yards per carry - a good sign going forward... "up until that last, when he popped out on the right side
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at that point. .. yeah i thought we competed hard and did a pretty good job of keeping him under control" control""as a unit, we really made a decision after northwestern... "we're tired of teams, really running on us." so all throughout the week we just really focused on coming off the ball and just really getting int he backfield adn causing havoc and i guess that we applied that to the games"the offense will get the headlines in cedar falls - but the defense is was excellent too - a unit that's had to replace deiondre hall, makinton dorleant, and into it's own... "i'm pleased with their growth -- there's still some rough spots in there man.... i asterisk that with that's where we've made some errors that we cant make but they're learning by doing it ... we still got an edge to that we gotta clean up, but it's improv" improving""you know the way we had been playing off and on, you'd see flashes there and you'd see flashes there and then we wouldnt play as well... it was hard to see because i know that we have some of the best talent int he
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dunne shined in his first career start - he was ?so? good - he was named missouri valley conference player of the week on sunday - dunne threw for over four-hundred yards and a pair of t-d's in the 61-point explosion against missouri state... cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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what the heck was that?about last night's seahawk - cardinals game. game.the game ended in a six - six tie after overtime. seattle and arizona's kickers both missed short field goals - that could have won the game. statistically the cardinals dominated the game. until o-t - arrizzona only crossed midfield one time. the tie is the first for the cardinals first for seattle. the last tie in the nfl was in 2014 between carolina and cincinnati at 37-37. good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in up next - the developing news overnight - where thousands of people are being forced to
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they've called home for the past several months.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this
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administrator who stepped down this past summer. the details on two separate cedar rapids trials - that both might take place outside of the corridor. and why police - shot down a drone - near a protest sight - along a controversial pipeline - that will cut through iowa. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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happening right now - authorities in france this morning -began an unprecedente d operation in europe - shutting down a massive refugee camp - known as - the jungle.some 69-hundred migrants live there. they've been given two options - formally seek asylum - or return to their country.this morning - long lines of migrants started forming outside of registration centers.tensions are high.over the weekend - clashes between mirgrants and police. right now - an amber alert. alert.just hours ago - officials issued the amber alert - for a 12-year-old girl in north carolina.this is zahreiah gilliam.she was last seen in a small town in the northern part of the state - near the virginia border . right now - authorities have not released any information about her alleged abductor. tomorrow - the iowa city school board boardwill reveal superintenden t stephen murley's new
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details for weeks. the contract keeps murley with the district until 2019. while iowa city is the 5-th largest district in the state - murley was only the 11th highest paid superintendent in iowa.he will now make 215-thousand dollars for this current year and 226- thousand next school year. after nearly five decades with the cedar rapids community school district districtformer washington high school principal plagman got the send-off some thought he 2 news reporter connor morgan explains the legacy he now leaves behind. behind. ll: the details of dr. plagman's retirement are well- documented with his resignation coming on the heels of a teacher sex scandal. but plagman's final farewell isn't about - is about celebrating.packed parking lots - long lines - and crowded cafeterias - "so many people."all for one man -
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be here because it's showing support to one of the greatest people that have ever lived in cedar rapids.""knowing he didn't get the right send-off, i wanted to be here to make sure that he did 'cause this is the way he should go."the lead warrior at washington high school for three and a half decades -"my dad always talked about him when i was in middle school about how great of a principal he was.""he had my dad, he had my uncles, my aunts, my brothers, my cousins."i feel bad for the underclassmen who won't get to see him."today was filled with without a smile. i mean, look at him right now. he's smiling."laughs -and autographs."i actually got him to sign the back, so i can't wear this again. you know? it's pristine. i have to frame it."his impact undeniable - "every single person at wash will tell you it is the best school in the state and maybe even the nation and that was created by him.""he's helped so many people in the community and given people live's that they couldn't have at home, you know? given them a caring role model.""he just meant so much to my life and he affected me and kind of made me the person i am today." his legacy eternal -"even though dr. grant is here, dr. plagman will always be the
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place in the washington community.""the legacy of him is going to continue, i have no doubt about it.""he won't be about it."have no doubt continue, i him is going to continue, i have no doubt continue, i him is going to "the legacy of him is going to "the legacy of community." washington community.""the legacy of him is going to continue, i have no doubt about it.""he won't be gone, ever." despite their love for doctor plagman - students we spoke with doctor carlos grant a lot of credit - saying he is doing a great job guiding the warriors. the woman at the center of the scandal that lead to doctor plagman's resignation - is scheduled for a court date this week. week.mary beth haglin is accused with having a sexual relationship with a student - over several months.she's pleaded not guilty to sexual exploitation charges.on wednesday she has a pretrial conference.last week - haglin's lawyer pushed for a change of venue - due to
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request hasn't been addressed yet - and haglin's trial is scheduled to start next month. the second murder trial for a convicted corridor killer - will begin today.travis standlee was sentenced to 50 years in prison for killing raymond ursino - this past summer - and today he'll stand trial for killing sharon mead. mead.her body was found in september of 20-15 - near the campus of coe college.mead and ursino were killed just days apart.the trial will take place in scott county - jury selection protests continue in north dakota - along a pipeline project that cuts through iowa. iowa.demonstrators blocked a highway near the route on sunday - and police arrested more than a hundred people. this morning - that road is back open. open.the dakota access pipeline cuts through 18 iowa counties on its way to enforcement officials also fired at a drone used by protestors - because it was flying too close to a helicopter.
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and affect native american lands. a man missing for more than two months has been found. grundy county sheriff's office says a body was found over the weekend matches the discription of ian aiken. the waterloo cedar falls courier reports aiken was last seen on august 23rd. the body was found in a corn field north of marshalltown in his home town of whitten. officials are still trying to determine how the man died.aiken's disappearance is also still under investigation. today in iowa city - an urban designer will talk about the importance of walking - and how to make cities more walkable.jeff speck is the author of walkable city - how downtown can save america one step at a time.he will speak tonight at 6-thirty at the iowa city public library. also in johnson county - the city of swisher will hold an informaiton meeting tonight - open to the public - about the options available right now for
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leaders say they want your input on what could be done in the future.the meeting is tonight from 6-to-8 at the swisher american legion. today - iowans are getting ready for halloween - and u-s shoppers as a whole - are expected to spend more cash on the holiday this year - compared to last. last.the national retail federation says on average - shoppers will spend just over 82-dollars per person. year ago.while political costumes will be popular with adults - for kids it's all about super-heroes.some stores in iowa show those costumes are the most popular for children. right now - people in the corridor are gearing up for halloween too. way the kids got to celebrate a little early was at the safe halloween for kids event at the usher's ferry historic - parents - and grandparents - all took part in trick or
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and many other activities. ushers ferry did get minimal flood damage last month - but the park supervisor tells cbs 2 -the flood actually gave them a chance to spruce up a few buildings on the property and they're ready to show them off. "i'm just so greatful that all the people came back out. it's nice, we couldn't have asked for a nicer day, we appreciate the public support and coming back out to support this site, that's huge for us because that's what keeps us going is that people know that they value usher's ferry " "the fall fun isn't over at ushers ferry.the next event is the final harvest hayrack night this wednesday night. and you can start halloween early.on wednesday - you can trick-or-treat with police officers in iowa city.the iowa city and coralville police departments are hosting a trick-or-treat event at four spots in iowa starts at five at shelter house - and continues until 8-thirty - where they'll stop at fareway
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dressed in their favorite costumes. comedian bill murray is waking up with another honor this morning. the comedian won this year's mark twain prize for american humor. humor.after he was presented with a bust of mark twain - murray handed it to a man in the first row of the audience and urged the crowd to pass it around.murray admitted - he was uncomfortable sitting in a box with his family while more than a dozen of his and collaborators spoke warmly about his body of work.his acceptance speech followed a heartfelt tribute by david letterman - who made a rare public appearance since his late-night show ended last june.
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degrees.still to come - the giant new merger - that will have major television stations changing ownership. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have..
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just in time for halloween - the top movie in america - is themed for the spooky holiday.tyler perry's latest sequel titled "boo! a madea halloween" topped the box office in its opening weekend - making close to 28-million dollars.that's followed by tom cruise's newest edition of jack reacher - never go back. that film made 23-million.and a horror flick - :ouija: origin of evil came in thrid place - making 14 million dollars. a-t-and-t and time warner have
5:49 am
mergers the industry has ever s. seen.the two companies came to terms on a deal worth 85- billion dollars.a-t-and-t's business is traditionally based on wireless and internet service.but the merger would allow the company to expand into programming - and gain access to time warner's channels like c-n-n - t-n-t and h-b-o.the government regulators need to approve the deal which could take more than a year to complete. walmart says it will now pump millions of dollars into a chinese business - to increase their footprint there. dada - is china's largest online grocery plans to invest 50 million dollars into the company - and will offer a two hour delivery window there on dada already has more than 25 million customers and delivers to more than 300 cities.
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trying to head to chicago next weekend to try and watch history live in wrigley field - think again. again.the cubs are back in the world series for the first time since world war two - but the cost of tickets is close to a year's worth of tuition at one of iowa's three public universities.for game three - four and five in chicago - according to ticket tracker ticket i-q - attending would cost you over 7-thousand high prices - besides the fact that it's been 71 years since the cubs made it to the world series - is small supply.there are only about 16-hundred tickets available online for each day. it's right now it's degrees in coming up next - we're road trippin' - just a few hours away - to the birthplace of one of hollywood's most well- known actors. your cbs 2 weather
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(( 12:03:46 video outside museum cover all of bite please )) nats - (( 11:24:06)) "this is the one and only john wayne museum .. only john wayne museum in the world." - it wasn't until he passed away in 1979 - (( 11:15:55 ?? good wide shot of group)) that most fans even knew bigger than life - screen legend john wayne - was born right here in small town iowa.- on what would have been his 100th birthday - supporters finally agreed it was time to plan this beautiful museum (( 11:12:02 ten people walking out of theater)) on duke's birthday last year - the dream of providing a place for admiring fans - came true - (( 11:14:39 ?? couple looking at posters)) and they just keep coming.brian downes - john wayne birthplace and museum - ((11:26:00)) " i think it's not hard to make the case that he was the most popular movie star of all time .. that's not to say the best actor .. but certainly the most loved ." here loyal fans find - the back story of
5:56 am
ptt wn112:51 mv l t miestar - wh an olon wagon sx oofor frame.) treasuring his time - (( 11:09:44 captain and boat case )) not on horses - - but with family on his (( 11:42:25 life preserver)) boat the wild goose. (( 11:42:33 theater pa ??) filmogph - (ach)) ((fortpae)) fortpae tsechs(( with wiiahodehose soldiers and rio bravo((four cowboys all standing )) the sons of katie elder((pics for all of these )) mclintock - chisum - - hatari - ((true grit)) and true grit -- as ((eye patch)) rooster cogburn won him - ((getting oscar )) his only oscar.a few yalater - ( ei picurtogeth brian - e a da h john wyn - a say we invariably ask me .. well what invariably aaheikand i sa hat exactly what we saw in the movies .. (( cover )) so you know him as well as i do." (( people 11:14:11 ?? john wayne shirts monument valley movie set ??? )) visitors from all across the world - come to make that same connection . ((guest book )) on - denmark ((tight guest book )) and at least two from ireland - - nats irish music playing - then pot under - (( cart in movie?? 11:36:22 john wayne riding by irish cross ))(( 11:10:44 music upbeat)) " few seconds of music " (( 11:31:37 cart continues )) " well it's a prime piece because john wayne and maureen o'hara.. rode on that cart."rumors circulated for years that (( maureen ohara looking up 11:36:31 )) wayne's favorite irish red head - had found the (( 11:16:51 cart behind red rope )) iconiccart from their academy award winning the quiet man. ((picture of her at museum)) after visiting the museum - she promised that after she passed - it could have a permanent home here - (( man or woman looking at cart 11:21:50 bald guy watching quiet man or 11:20:50 curly woman )) for so many fans of the film to enjoy. (( 11:10:13 shawl or 11:40:08 pan down shawl )) along with other items including
5:57 am
11:37:29 ????? maureen ohara in film )) she wore in the romantic comedy. (( 11:32:40 cover with shawl cart and movie )) " very emotional for me .. because it is my hands down favorite movie period .. never mind john wayne." charlie ((11:54:54)) (( with outside video house 12:00:58 )) "well they like the fact he was born in this house and he actually walked on these floors" for some the tiny home just behind the museum - is even more john wayne - (( cowboy hat chimes 12:02:42)) - right down to the wind chimes.(( livingroom 11:52:25??)) the four rooms - represent the earliest days of (( youngest pic of him ??)) marion robert morrison's life.(( 11:52:03??)) and guide - charlie rot -ter -berg - 11:53:05?)) people burst into tears - seeing(( doctor 11:53:22)) - - the doctor who delivered that (( pic emailed a13 pound son )) very healthy baby boy - (( horse 11:51:53)) pictures of what may be his first time on a horse - and (( tight on dog )) the dog who gave him his famous moniker - - (( family photo emailed or 11:49:48)) when marion didn't want to tell the crew at the firehouse his given name.charlie rauterberg - john wayne birthplace and museum ((11:50:44)) " his dog's name was duke so they called them big duke and little duke and he absolutely loved that name so he went by that name - duke morrison. "((12:01:29
5:58 am
inside statue again ?)) larger than life - a tribute to the legend who always had true grit - and the big heart - - of a small town iowa boy.- (( 11:05:55 couple grabs bag off gift shop)) now honored and remembered by thosewho treasure the thought of walking in john wayne's foot steps. brian ((11:34:59)) "when it all comes together i think it's wonderful (( cover rest please - maybe wide museum? )) you know we can't let legends die .. we just can't . " we are road tripping - - in winterset - iowa - - i'm matt hammill. the john wayne museum and birthplace just won the state of iowa tourism award "most outstanding attraction." if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in coming up next - donald trump's response on the campaign trial - on new polls that show the g-o-p nominee behind in the race for the white house.'re watching c-b-s 2
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this morning, the shocking nude data about how many iowans are dropping the flood insurance even after two major floods. one group is repurposed seeing sandbags used to protect


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